Sept 25, 2019

Delighted to follow up my finalist result in the "Travel" category at the recent Queensland Professional Photography Awards by making it as a finalist in the 2019 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards. I was also surprised to get the Highest Scoring Print in the category.   I'm now just a few points from progressing to M.Photog II accreditation.

Highest Scoring Print (Travel)

Jun 6, 2019

Delighted to produce the highest scoring print in the Travel Category of the 2019 Epson Queensland Professional Photography Awards.  Congratulations to all the winners!

QPPA Travel Finalist

Jun 6, 2019

Proud to be a finalist in the 2019 Epson Queensland Professional Travel Photographer of the Year.

Social Media - My opinion, thoughts and observations

Oct 21, 2018

The good, the bad and the appalling....


 Not everyone is into social media and as a PRIVATE person and an introvert I find it an invasion of privacy, mentally draining and sometimes quite annoying to be honest. I do however acknowledge that sometimes it can provide useful, helpful information to others.  I prefer to live my life and EVOLVE my photography in a PRIVATE manner by minding my own business which could be considered strange in today’s narcissistic, privacy invading, attention seeking social media world.  As primarily a landscape and built environment photographer, I use social media because it's a necessary evil in order to get some exposure but I will never try to mislead the viewer, stage images or make a landscape image all about me in the desperate search to be "liked". A “landscape” photograph is not about people, it’s about people’s influence on the environment. As a photographer and as a person, I don't care less about popularity nor am I motivated by it and I would certainly never allow myself to be constrained creatively by it. My photography is first and foremost about respecting and recording the natural or built environment.  These so called "influencers" or Instagrammers who break the law, risk their lives and vandalise sensitive areas all to show off or promote themselves or products I have no respect for.  The fact that people are losing their lives trying to satisfy their insecurities in the never ending quest for popularity and validation is a sad and pathetic.

I prefer to admire the work of genuine people and genuine creatives that produce original, meaningful, thought provoking imagery without having to rely heavily on post production and if they do, they are open and transparent to the public and their clients with their disclosure.  It's called ethics.  I also gain inspiration from the quiet achievers in the photography world with low followings many of whom consistantly produce outstanding photography far superior to almost anything else out there both technically and creatively but don't care to seek the limelight and just go about their craft in a quiet and respectful fashion with lots of passion.  I admire the photographers that are always trying new things by taking artistic risks and not worried about protecting their social media profile.  I admire the photographers that push the limits with their own ideas and not just copy others. I admire the photographers that work long and hard in the field in tough conditions to make new unseen images, and if they don't work out, they go back relentlessly until they do.  I admire the photographers that aren't at all influenced by social media trends, don't sook about low engagement, respect the law and the environment and just get on with it.  

A Landscape photograph does not have to be beautiful, "likeable", or conform to what mainstream society or social media deems as "popular".  In fact, in a social media age where replication, unoriginality and cliche abound, I'd personally prefer that it didn't.

"Like" it or not, these are my words and opinions only.

Enough said...



2018 AIPP APPA Honours

Aug 30, 2018

Very proud to be named as a finalist in the 2018 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year. Congratulations to the winners and finalists at the AIPP 2018 Australian Professional Photography Awards.
The resulting 6 points acquired has propelled me forward into Gold Bar 1 accreditation as a Master Photographer which was an unexpected early bonus.
The images were made in the Sonoran, Mohave and Nevada deserts of North America in November last year and were part of my ongoing “Back Roads of Americana” project documenting the sparse, uninhabited desert landscapes and historic, quirky and sometimes abandoned architecture of the remote American West.
A big thanks to the team at @streetsimagingfor the wonderful printing expertise on the superb @cansonau Rag Photographique 310gsm Fine Art Paper.

International Landscape Photographer of the Year - Black and White Award Winner

Mar 2, 2017

Happy to win the Black and White Award at the recent 2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards with this image.



AIPP Master Photographer

Oct 5, 2016

Really proud and honoured to become an AIPP Master Photographer





2016 Australian Professional Photography Awards results

Sept 17, 2016

Two Silver Distinctions and two Silvers at this years awards

I'm Away Again!

Jul 9, 2016

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please be advised that my website is closed for print orders from now until mid September as I’ll be away in New Zealand making new images. During this time I will also be unable to fulfil any image licensing or business inquiries. I can however be contacted via my website or at I will also be posting as normal on Instagram and Facebook. Cheers!


Feb 11, 2016

Please be aware that anyone wishing to place a print order needs to do so before the deadline of the 15th of February as I'm heading to Eorope for a few weeks to make new images, escape the heat, and hopefully enjoy some bad weather.  My online store will be closed until mid-March but enquiries can be directed to me via

Canon APPA's - 3 Silver Awards

Oct 24, 2015

Here are the winners -


The 2015 AIPP Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards were held over the weekend with some awesome images up for judging. Congratulations to all the winners! I don't really enter awards these days but for me these are the most important of the year as I'm working towards my 'AIPP Master of Photography' accreditation. Again I chose to enter some architecture images as they can be quite technically challenging but rewarding to shoot, and being primarily a landscape shooter it was a risky move, but luckily in the end managed to win 3 Silver Awards with some photos I made in Norway and Denmark recently. I'm a landscape photographer to the bone but I'm proud to add Architecture as another string to my bow! Just 1 point now to becoming an AIPP Master Photographer! Roll on 2016....


' Uluru Moondreaming ' - The process.....

Jun 10, 2015


I've had this idea in my head for several months now of capturing Uluru in a very long night exposure so when the opportunity and conditions presented themselves I jumped on a plane to Alice Springs to spend a week in the region. Sunrise and sunset photo’s at Uluru sure look spectacular, but it’s one of the most photographed places on earth and I was motivated by the chance to create something completely different, unique and out of the box from normality. Ayres Rock is an icon of Australia and is a recognised landmark around the world but I wanted to give the viewer my own interpretation of this special and sacred place. I was only slightly disappointed to learn I'd missed the rain at Uluru two days earlier, as the rare shots of cascading waterfalls coming from the top of the rock are rare treat in any photographers portfolio, but the good news was the cloud was clearing and the night I had planned for the shoot was looking perfect. With a little help the from The Photographers Ephemeris I was able to pinpoint the exact time and position of the rising moon and more importantly where the moon finished at the end of the exposure. This type of info just wasn’t available years ago when using film so things were a lot more hit and miss back then. The next issue for me was the priority in locating a viewpoint to mount the tripod as shooting with a reasonably long focal length lens was necessary to give the moon trail a longer and more impactful presence, so the plan was to use a 120mm lens (77mm in 35mm equivalent ). After a couple of hours of searching different dunes I finally found a perfect position around 7 kilometres away on top of a red dune amongst the snakes and dingoes. I was initially intent on starting the trail at the base of the rock but decided the composition would benefit more if the moon started above the rock and finished in the centre and finished higher. As it turned out, even trying to compose and frame the image in live view in the total darkness pre-shot was very much trial and error. In the end, the 1 hour exposure itself went entirely to plan with the cool night and low humidity keeping the lens and filter fog free. The absolute silence, solitude and clear moonlit sky on this particular night was as close to perfection as you can imagine. Not even as much as a dingo howl! Yep, I love immersing myself in the real world…


Camera - Alpa 12 STC technical camera | Phase One IQ260 | Schneider/ALPA Apo-Helvetar f5.6/120mm SB34 Aspheric | Lee ND filter & hood.

Location - Uluru (Ayres Rock). Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA.

Time - 8.03pm to 9.03pm Date - 4th of June, 2015.  Moon at 96.4% waning gibbous

Single Exposure - 3600 seconds ( 1 Hour ) Aperture - f5.6 ISO - 140.



Vatnajokull Ice Cave Shoot

Mar 4, 2015

Vatnajokull Glacier is Iceland’s largest covering around 8 percent of the country and is also the largest glacial mass in Europe covering around 8300 sq kilometres. At it’s thickest point it is nearly 1000m thick. Several volcanos lie underneath Vatnajokull including the active Bardabunga and Grimsvotn. Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to photograph literally underneath the glacier by venturing into an incredible ice cave at the southern end. These caves can be quite dangerous but I felt the 45 minutes I spent inside was well worth the risk, and sometimes you just have to push the envelope a little and take risks in order to get the shot. It’s still winter here in Iceland and things aren’t melting yet, but realistically this cave could be gone in another month or even weeks, depending on weather. New caves will form again next winter as the glacier retreats another 150 metres or so throughout the year. An amazing experience in an amazing place. 

Photographing an Arctic Winter 2015

Dec 18, 2014

After a wonderful and successful photo expedition into the Arctic Circle of Norway in March 2014 in which 3 images won acclaim at this years Australian Professional Photography Awards, I've again decided to head North in search of the ultimate winter photography locations with Iceland again on the radar.  The plan this time is to travel a month earlier in February in order to shoot the ice caves under the Vatnajokull Glacier with the help of a guide from Extreme Iceland.  I'm also again crossing my fingers for some Aurora Borealis action but I won't hold my breath.  Negotiating a volatile Icelandic winter will be an interesting and challenging proposition in every way, but potentially far more exciting and fruitful in terms of photography.     

Peter Lik

Dec 13, 2014

With all the hype and controversy surrounding the reported and unconfirmed sale of Australian Peter Lik’s Antelope Canyon image ‘Phantom’ for a world record $7.8 million Australian dollars, I couldn’t help but share my 2 cents worth on the subject both as a Landscape Photographer and as someone who has shot many times in the stunning American West and several times in both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons in Arizona. In my early photographic days I drew enormous inspiration from Peter Lik’s works, his photography is beautiful and his galleries are a lesson in how to present images in their best possible light, both literally and metaphorically. As far as I know he still has a gallery in Noosa, Australia but his other 14 or so are in America with 3 or 4 in Las Vegas alone. He is a true Australian success story and has tapped into predominantly an American market with his epic Panoramic landscapes. Peter is a Master Photographer with both the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and Professional Photographers America (PPA) and is also a master in self promotion and while many of us choose a different approach I’m certainly not about to criticise him just because he’s exuberant and outgoing and displays a genuine passion for what he does. I draw inspiration and motivation from people with a passion for something, whatever it may be. There is an enormous amount of work and dedication that goes into producing these landscape photos, so good luck to him. Check out his You Tube channel to check out shooting landscapes Peter Lik style.
It looks to me as if ' Phantom ' was photographed in the upper section of Antelope which is the easier of the two sections for access and is just a short 4wd trip along a dry sandy creek bed and walk straight in access. This type of vertical light beam photo is only possible in mid-summer when the sun is high in the sky and the light filters through a very narrow gap in the canyon around 30 metres or so above your head. The trick to nailing the shot is a combination of luck, good planning and an understanding of light and exposure. In fact I travelled to the US in July 2009 specifically to photograph this place and with the help of my expert Navajo photographer guide Mylo Fowler I was able to collect some images that portray just what an extraordinary location this really is. Mylo has an intimate knowledge of the slot canyons of Arizona and knew when and where the light was best and believe me when I say that timing is critical and you only get one chance when shooting these type of images. Make no mistake, this place is unlike anywhere else, but unfortunately these days the upper canyon for me is just too busy and a little cliche so I avoid it. A guide is your only option for people free photography if that’s what you want.
The mostly preferred option for photographers is the lower canyon which is less crowded and thanks to ladders being installed several years ago a lot easier to gain access to. It really is a very interesting place and displays fantastic reflected light depending on the time of year and time of day. Winter will produce more pinks and purples but no light beams as opposed to summer which will yield oranges and yellows and some interesting beams. The lower canyon is a little infamous and some consider it dangerous because of the risk of flash flooding. In 1997 11 tourists were swept to their deaths by a flash flood in Lower Antelope Canyon.


Below is one of the images I shot in Upper Antelope on the 31st of July, 2009.

The image is titled ' Free Spirit ' 



Print Orders Delayed

Oct 4, 2014

To those customers thinking of placing a print order, please be aware that I'll be away in the UK on a photographic trip for a month from mid - October.  The last day to place orders will be Monday the 6th of October for early delivery (October).  Otherwise you are welcome to place an order at any time after that online but printing won't occur until late November for December delivery.  All enquiries via the CONTACT link.

2014 AIPP Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards Winners

Sept 17, 2014

Very proud and honoured to have won 3 awards at the 2014 AIPP Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards including my first GOLD, a Silver with Distinction and a Silver.  All images were shot on a successful late Winter Norway expedition with 'Olstind's View' and 'Hamnoy Snowstorm' shot in the Lofoten Archipeligo and the other shot in the middle of Oslo.


* GOLD - 'Olstind's View '

* SILVER - ' Oslo Opera '          

* SILVER WITH DISTINCTION - ' Hamnoy Snowstorm '

Autumn in the UK

Aug 25, 2014

For the first year since 2008 I won't be making a photographic trip to America.  My focus instead is revisiting the UK in depth and concentrating on the Autumn season from mid October to November in the Scottish Highlands, Wales and specific areas of the English countryside including the Midlands and Western region. This time I'm hoping for some poor weather and not the boring clear skies that dominated my trip in Summer last year.  In a landscape photographers world bad weather generally makes for better photos, and makes getting the shot so much more rewarding!  Really looking forward to exploring some lesser known islands off the Scottish coast as well as returning to the superb Isle of Skye to try and create something special from this magical and moody location.  The researching and planning continues as October gets closer....

Digital 1 Hour Exposure

Jul 15, 2014

Wedge Island Moonrise

A 99.6% waning gibbous moon rising above Wedge Island provided a perfect opportunity to push the limits of digital photography shooting a 3600 second (1 Hour ) single exposure.  Photograph taken with an Alpa 12 STC technical camera | Phase One IQ260 digital back | Schneider Apo-Helvetar Aspheric f5.6/120mm SB34.  Location - Cape Hillsborough National Park, Queensland. 13th of July 2014 @ 6.40pm-7.40pm. ISO140.

Back in Oslo

Apr 4, 2014

I'm back in Oslo now after having to cut short a little my Lofoten experience.  I awoke yesterday with my little red cabin feeling like it was about to achieve lift off the wind was that strong!  So I made the decision to get out and head back to Leknes for a flight out.  Wow what a place, spectacular landscape, but crazy unpredictable conditions and the logistics of flying and driving in between the unpredictably violent weather is a challenge to say the least.  I admit the thought of a quick blast back to Iceland did cross my mind briefly however the predictions for the Northern Lights are now fading for the year, so unfortunately my timing realistically was just too late in the season to capture them, but I'm not bothered. Will now spend a few days checking out Oslo, then London, then back home.  

Snow Time !

Apr 2, 2014

Well I've been here in the Arctic Circle of Norway now for 4 days but today April 1 was definately no joke. Overnight and today heavy snow fall brought this incredible place back well into winter mode.  I've spent today re-shooting some of my earlier shots as the snow just adds another dimension to an already unbelievable location, and every morning since I got here I've been up 2 hours before dawn photographing long exposures and really enjoying the pre-dawn atmosphere along with some seagulls for company.  Of course getting around by car is getting difficult as the weather just continually changes with brief glimpses of sunshine peeking through but mostly heavy cloud and snow flurries and wind.  This place is in your face amazing and relatively unknown to most people, it has not been ruined by becoming tooo touristy and there isn't a fast food joint to be seen.  This place is a commercial fishing hub and it smells that way most of the day! 


Lofoten Archepelago of Norway

Mar 30, 2014

Well after a marathon 5 plane fights and 25 hours flying time I have finally made my way into the Arctic Circle and on to the group of islands known as the Lofoten Archepelago.  I'm on my third day here now and there's still lots of snow around as expected in an incredible landscape consisting of hard edged jagged snow covered mountain ranges and frozen lakes intertwined with many small and interesting fishing villages.  I don't make a point of photographing too many man made structures but on this particular occasion I can't resist, there seems to be lots of colourful cabins lining the foreshore in every small village and they make such a good subject matter.  Home for me for the next several days is simply a dream setting, one of those very cabins I mentioned with no TV but all the basic necessities and all set in amongst some of the most dramatic mountain scenery and with a view that cannot be matched.  Check out my accom Eliassen Rorbuer on the tiny fishing village of Hamnoy just a few kms from Reine.  I literally shot the photo below from off my window sill last night!

I woke this morning very early indeed and with the jet lag and all the different time zones in the last few days the body doesn't have a clue what's happening, but with the strong smell of fish constantly in the air around here it's actually preferable to the tourist zone I'm living in at home in Australia right now.  The last few days have been quite overcast and windy so I was relieved and excited to be met with light snow this morning as I ventured out to try and capture this unique, beautiful but harsh arctic landscape.  The solitude of walking alone loaded with gear in the pre dawn 5am light with the snow falling lightly on a completely calm but brisk morning was just a fantastic way to start the day.  These are the moments that I crave as a photographer, no one else around except for a bunch of the biggest seagulls I've ever seen I'm my life.  So the three hours I spent exploring this morning was a very fruitful outing , and I came home with some very worthwhile images after initially struggling as quite often happens.  More photos to come shortly...


Photographed from the windowsill of my fishermans cabin in Hamnoy, Norway.  Check out the link - Eliassen Rorbuer

Print Orders Delayed

Mar 26, 2014

As I'm overseas at the moment working on a new collection of images please be aware that customers ordering prints will have their delivery times delayed by approximately two weeks.  Please feel free to order any time though with this in mind.  Any enquiries can be directed to me via the 'CONTACT' link.

Off Into the Arctic Circle

Mar 25, 2014

As I'm about to jet off to Norway in a few hours, I have mixed feelings knowing that although it will be an amazing place with stunning landscapes, I realise that the conditions will be tough at this time of year both in terms of flying and driving and shooting in a relatively remote environment in what has the potential to be a very challenging week or two.  Although the zero degree temps are fine it's the wind chill factor that really comes into play at this time of the year that really tests your resolve, and with the very regular snow storms battering the Lofoten Islands the question as to whether I get the opportunity to photograph the Northern Lights has to be asked.  One thing is for sure is that once I finally get to where I want to be then I can immerse myself in photographing the epic landscapes of Lofoten.

I'm Back!

Mar 19, 2014

As apparently I'm not a big talker, It has been quite a while since my last post, six months in fact.  So I thought I'd give you all an update on what's on the agenda for this year in terms of photography and travel, because that's my life.  2013 was a massive year for travelling and 2014 is set to be almost as big.  As with most landscape photographers I take the chance whenever I can to get the hell out of the modern world and in to the real world, the natural world (yes that's the one that man didn't build) as often as I can.  Preferably to places where I don't have to see morons with their faces glued to a bloody phone 24/7!  So I've got itchy feet, and I'm outta week.

I would have to say Iceland was definitely last year's highlight with it's volcanic landscapes and absolutely out of the box landscape scenery really satisfying my appetite for the unusual.  I will definitely be back in the future quite possibly in the wintery months to try and push the envelope a little further when conditions are worse but the photos get better.  I'm really aiming to push the boundaries a little further this year in terms of my style of shooting and locations and also aiming to experiment with new long exposure techniques with both film and digital in both the daytime and nightime.  The aim for me is to separate my work from the masses a little more and be more creative and diversify my body of work, but I guess as photographers we are all trying to achieve that.  It's all about trial and error, and there will be lots of both, but I will learn a lot from that.

If you have visited my website before you have probably noticed it has an all new look.  The old black background had run it's course and I was never happy with it, so the clean black and white uncomplicated format really appealed to me.  I designed the whole thing myself on photoshop and then had it constructed by F8media in Caloundra, so I'm really happy with the final result with the ease of navigation and uncluttered minimalist design being the most important elements for me in website design.  There is something about black and white these days that I find very appealing, and that goes for photography too.  So, if you like it, then 'like' it whatever that means.

My first trip of the year begins next week when I head way up into the Arctic Circle chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis.  Conditions in the north of Norway will be challenging but the rewards will be fruitful if both luck and good timing come into play, although I try and make my own luck as much as I can.  I've specifically chosen this time of year to maximise my chances but I know from experience that the weather plays a huge part in the outcome.  With only a week to go before I leave I still haven't finalised flights and accomodation or even an exact location to concentrate on as the weather will determine the planning.  I have my sights on shooting in the Lofoten Archepeligo or Tromso so I'm constantly researching the weather forecasts every day now as preparation.  From experience the problem with 7 day weather forecasts is that they are just a guess, and very inaccurate.   So my flight to London is booked, but after that who know's where I might end watch this space in the next few weeks as I post some updates.

Waiting patiently.....

Sept 30, 2013

Sitting here in North Conway, New Hampshire waiting for peak fall, and trying to photograph something that gives me inspiration, although after the highs of Iceland it's a little hard.  It is beautiful here, but I haven't taken a photo yet as I'm having trouble composing something that excites me.  This happens sometimes........

Chasing the fall

Sept 27, 2013

After flying into New York from Heathrow without baggage (thank's British Airways!) I've quickly got the hell out of the rat race with a 6 hour drive up to New Hampshire.  Nothing really new there in terms of long distance driving, except after the relative calm of Iceland's roads to the crazy endless American freeways it's hard to take and not relaxing whatsoever, especially with everyone travelling 20 miles an hour over the limit, including trucks!.  

i've never photographed this region before so I'm hopeful of getting a few good shots even though I'm a little early, so Littleton New Hampshire is my base for a few days while I check out and research some locations.  My guess is that this time next week the 'leaf peepers' will be out in force all over New England as it really puts on another spectacular colour show.

Magical Iceland

Sept 24, 2013

I've just finished a marvellous two and a half weeks travelling in this country and photographing the most diverse and unique landscape I've ever seen.  All regions of this place are vastly different and the excitement of not knowing what was around the next corner certainly kept me motivated.  From the vast regions of nothingness, to the literally thousands of random waterfalls, everything in Iceland makes an almost surreal visual statement.  Make no mistake, this place is unique and truly magical and I would love to return in the future.


Packing up to go.....

Sept 23, 2013


 I've had a lot of people ask me about the camera gear I'm using, so here's a quick shot of what I carry in the bag as I pack and check for my flight out of Reykjavik.  This is my main kit that I travel with, and other small bits and pieces as well.  

Battling Icelandic conditions

Sept 17, 2013

Sorry to harp on about the weather so much, but at the moment it is totally in control of what I'm doing on a daily basis.  Yesterday I had to abandon a shoot because things were that bad I couldn't bear it any longer.  With the temperature around zero and winds blowing sleet at 100kph, I really missed my gloves I'd left back at the hotel!  Nevertheless, I found this waterfall location that was just sublime and totally different to anything I'd seen either in Iceland or anywhere else for that matter with cascades of water continuing for around 900 metres off a low slung cliff edge and all amidst some brilliant emerging autumn colour.  I plan to return back in around 5 days when the colour is peaking and hopefully the conditions are improving and oh yeah, some gloves you idiot!  

Australian Professional Photography Awards 2013

Sept 17, 2013


2013 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver

2013 Epson Queensland Professional Photography Awards - Silver


Snæfellsnes Penninsula

Sept 15, 2013

I've spent the last two days way out on the Snaefellsnes Penninsula on the western side of Iceland photographing various subjects around the volcano Snaefellsjokull including more churches and waterfalls.  Although the weather has been mild and reasonable for the first half of this trip it has really turned for the worse in the last two days with gale force winds, rain and sleet making things very difficult.  I was always expecting this to happen so its no big deal, but struggling to stand up as the rain blows horizontal is just ridiculous!  Today I move back towards civilisation as yet another storm front bears down and snow dusts the higher ground, hopefully conditions will improve for my last week exploring the area known as the ' Golden Circle ' region.  I don't think that's where they make canned pineapple though....I also planned to get up close to the now infamous hopelessly mis-pronounced Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Egilsstadir - Eastern Iceland

Sept 10, 2013

Since spending a couple of days in the wonderful town of Vik, I drove most of the day yesterday in the wind and constant light rain to my new base in eastern iceland's largest town, Egilsstadir (pop 2200).  I initially had planned to photograph two waterfalls in the area so yesterday headed around 2.5 kms up the mountain in a relentlessly hard slog in surprisingly warm and summerlike conditions.  Iceland has so many waterfalls but with the snow melt all but over a large amount are starting to dry up, and as I headed to the top of the mountain it became apparent that my intended target known as 'Hengifoss' was suffering the same fate. I could swear I was walking in Utah heading up to the falls as the landscape was very reminiscent of the American West which I love so much.  Nevertheless alll that hiking was for nothing other than fitness, and no photo's were worth keeping!  Ok, so I could have taken a few, but I just wasn't inspired enough in less than perfect conditions.  You get that sometimes......  Today I took a different approach and after a few hours research last night decided to again head up the mountain but this time on the other side of the canyon where there is no trail to speak of.  I'm not really sure if I was on private property or not but this time I was able to capture a couple of great shots of the lower falls ' Litlanesfoss ' from a particularly precarious position on the edge of a cliff centimetres from certain death, so what else is new......I'm sure it's a shot that few have got too!  Tomorrow it's on to more waterfalls, but this time some of the acclaimed best in the world.  Wonderful waterfalls and churches, there's just so many!.

Vík í Mýrdal - Iceland

Sept 7, 2013

Well after the ridiculousness of three long haul plane flights literally across the other side of the world I'm now happy to say that I've just hit day three of my journey as I head today into Skaftafell NP and surrounds today.  My initial impressions of Iceland are as I expected really.  Incredible and unique landscapes everywhere you look and although the weather has been favourable I certainly expect it to change for the worse as the days progress.  I spent my first few days at Iceland's southern most town of Vik capturing some very special subject matter and with the help of a 4wd I was able to access some remote highland regions as well.  All i can say is wow!, I seriously could have been driving on planet neptune with the mindblowing scenery everywhere you look helping to negate the tiredness and jetlag associated with getting here.  I'll post the first initial photo's soon in the 'latest works' section and then try and post every few days when I can as requested.  Gotta go!......

Off to Iceland today

Sept 3, 2013

About to head off to Iceland tonight......  Looking forward to this expedition more than any other I think although not so much the long plane flights.  All indications are single figure temperatures with quite strong winds and rain showers a lot of the time.  As with the UK trip, a lot of my images will again be in dramatic black and white with long exposure times, with also some night photography thrown in as well for variation.  Icelandic landscapes can be extremely high contrast and difficult to shoot even without factoring in the weather, so this will be challenging in many ways out in the field.  The good part is that I'll be shooting away from the tourists most of the time.  I'll try to post updates every few days to keep everyone updated.   Roll on Iceland!

September / October plans

Aug 18, 2013

After postponing my Iceland trip earlier this month I've decided to re-schedule for a September visit.  The tourists have largely disappeared by this stage as the weather turns for the worst and although I'll likely be battling cold wind and rain a lot of the time, I enjoy the challenge of having to battle hard to get the shot. September will also bring the added bonus of Autumn foliage colour and an increasing possibility of photographing the Northern Lights with a little bit of luck on my side.

After Iceland I'm back on a plane across the North Atlantic to New York to photograph the spectacular New England district of the United States. I've never had the chance to photograph New England before so my late September early October timing should be spot on for peak foliage colour.  North America in the fall is nothing short of incredible, and as last year's Blue Ridge Parkway excursion was cut short by hurricane Sandy, the opportunity to experience New England in the fall at it's absolute best this year is exciting.

UK final update

Aug 1, 2013

Not good at providing updates am I!  Probably one of the reasons why Facebook and Twitter aren't my thing......  Well I'm about to fly home after photographing certain area's of the UK.  As it turned out conditions weren't particularly good a lot of the time but I felt I made the most of what came my way.  In the early part frustrating cloudless skies and near record temps made creative photography difficult but with the help of neutral density filters to slow exposure times and some dramatic black and white conversions helped add some mood to the images taken.  I found many places to be way too touristy for my liking and although I'm happy to photograph the odd busy location I pefer to concentrate on my own compositions the majority of the time.  For this reason I've decided to reschedule my Iceland trip for another more suitable time outside of the more popular times of year, and as it turns out Iceland at the moment is crowded and too expensive.   I'm not exactly sure when Iceland will happen now, but photographing the Northern Lights from somewhere is on the list.  All my new UK images can be found HERE.

UK update

Jul 10, 2013

I'm currently in a small village in Wales with the interesting name of Betws-Y-Coed.  An absolutely beautiful place and as always looking for photo locations although the fine clear skies are not what I'm after.  Seems the near record heat has brought out the tourists too!  In the next few days I plan to photograph a few lighthouses and possibly an ancient castle or two along the UK coastline before a long drive up to the 'Isle of Skye' region of Scotland and hopefully straight into some dramatically worse weather conditions!

UK bound

Jul 7, 2013

On my way to the UK today......

Website Orders on hold

Jun 15, 2013

As I'll be away working on new images from mid June please be aware this website will be closed for orders until late August.  Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions or are thinking of placing an order.

Iceland and the UK prep.

May 12, 2013

After another successful NZ trip I can't wait for the next and preparations and planning are now well underway for my Iceland and UK photographic expedition starting in early July.  The plan is to spend two weeks photographing Iceland, and the remainder shooting Northern Ireland and the Isle of Skye region of Scotland.  I'm also fitting in the last two rounds of the British Open golf near Edinburgh, Scotland as a tick off the bucket list item!

Iceland without a doubt will be one of the highlights of my photographic life.  With it's super high contrast scenery and unpredictable weather conditions it makes photography extremely challenging, but the rewards are great if you can nail the shot with some of the most incredible scenery on earth.  This trip will also give me the first chance to test the new Phase One IQ260 digital back in combination with my Alpa and also test the capabilities of my recently aquired Schneider Apo-Helvetar 120mm SB34 lens.  The new IQ260 is capable of 1 hour noise free exposures which opens up a whole new world of creativity to any landscape photographers workflow, so I'm very keen to push it's limits especially considering my current Phase P45 can only handle 5 minutes!

Perfect New Zealand

May 8, 2013

A few weeks ago I finished another wonderful trip into the depths of New Zealand's South Island.  I've been to the south many times and even lived there for six months but I always enjoy the layed back atmosphere and the general feel of the place, and of course the landscapes are just epic....  The fact that it's just a quick three and a half hour flight is a bonus too! In the eleven days I was there I managed around a dozen or so new images for my portfolio, as well as gaining a few possible competition entries for this years Canon APPA's.  Ideal conditions greeted me from the time I stepped off the plane till the time I got back on, and the overcast, drizzly dark days were just perfect for shooting landscapes and giving them a boost of mood.  The autumn was just transitioning into winter so the added bonus of snow dustings across the mountain tops really adds to the backgrounds as well.  All in all another successful trip and I'm certainly looking forward to my next visit possibly up to the north island at some stage.  If haven't been then you gotta go...      

Chasing the conditions

Apr 17, 2013

It's a matter of changing locations depending on the conditions at the moment with the Catlins area my main focus for photography today and tomorrow.  Autumn colour is still up to a week away here on the South Island and with some interesting weather conditions about to hit, I need to be in the right place at the right time.  Constantly following the radar......

Website Orders on hold

Apr 10, 2013

To anyone thinking of purchasing a fine art print during this month, please be aware that I'll be away in New Zealand working on new images and will be unable to fulfil any orders until early May.  The website is still open to place orders though and if you have any inquiries please don't hesitate to email me via the 'CONTACT' page link.  I may be in remote area's at certain times but will be sure to get back to you ASAP.  Thanks!  Guy.

Photographic Expeditions 2013

Apr 7, 2013

I have itchy feet right now so a quick trip to New Zealand next week is on the cards.  It's not totally unplanned, but I do have specific locations to concentrate on and with some important competitions coming up, maybe I can get a few photos worthy of consideration.  Peak Autumn in the South Island is not to be missed and I'll be concentating my time around Cental Otago, Canterbury, Aoraki/Mt Cook and the Catlins regions shooting some new compositions as well as reshooting some favourites with the technical camera.  The contasting color of the glacial lakes, yellow tree foliage and snow capped mountains is reminiscent of Canada's wonderful scenery and although much of New Zealand is currently drought stricken, there's never a shortage of interesting subject matter to photograph regardless of conditions.  i'm actually praying for some bad weather for my hike into the glacial lakes surrounding Mt Cook, as a bit of added drama makes for better photography!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the year for me will be the opportunity to photograph Iceland in early August.  This place has some of the most incredible landscape scenery in the world, and with very little darkness in the summertime the endless days will provide some ideal shooting conditions and probably very little sleep in the process.  This section of the trip will be two weeks and part of a UK photo expedition which will also include Northern Ireland, sections of the Scottish highlands and areas of Britain.



Welcome to a fresh new website.

Mar 4, 2013

Hello to you all!  This my first post for the year and what better way to start than with a newly re-designed website and a whole fresh new approach.  2013 is going to be another great year with some wonderful new locations on the radar, and armed with my Alpa and some new lenses I'm looking forward to some new photographic challenges and entirely new subject matter.  Landscapes are of course my great passion and speciality, but being armed with a technical camera has opened up a whole new world of opportunities in terms of subject matter within the fine art photography realm.  Watch out this year for something a little different....