Social Media - My opinion, thoughts and observations

Oct 21, 2018

The good, the bad and the appalling....


 Not everyone is into social media and as a PRIVATE person and an introvert I find it an invasion of privacy, mentally draining and sometimes quite annoying to be honest. I do however acknowledge that sometimes it can provide useful, helpful information to others.  I prefer to live my life and EVOLVE my photography in a PRIVATE manner by minding my own business which could be considered strange in today’s narcissistic, privacy invading, attention seeking social media world.  As primarily a landscape and built environment photographer, I use social media because it's a necessary evil in order to get some exposure but I will never try to mislead the viewer, stage images or make a landscape image all about me in the desperate search to be "liked". A “landscape” photograph is not about people, it’s about people’s influence on the environment. As a photographer and as a person, I don't care less about popularity nor am I motivated by it and I would certainly never allow myself to be constrained creatively by it. My photography is first and foremost about respecting and recording the natural or built environment.  These so called "influencers" or Instagrammers who break the law, risk their lives and vandalise sensitive areas all to show off or promote themselves or products I have no respect for.  The fact that people are losing their lives trying to satisfy their insecurities in the never ending quest for popularity and validation is a sad and pathetic.

I prefer to admire the work of genuine people and genuine creatives that produce original, meaningful, thought provoking imagery without having to rely heavily on post production and if they do, they are open and transparent to the public and their clients with their disclosure.  It's called ethics.  I also gain inspiration from the quiet achievers in the photography world with low followings many of whom consistantly produce outstanding photography far superior to almost anything else out there both technically and creatively but don't care to seek the limelight and just go about their craft in a quiet and respectful fashion with lots of passion.  I admire the photographers that are always trying new things by taking artistic risks and not worried about protecting their social media profile.  I admire the photographers that push the limits with their own ideas and not just copy others. I admire the photographers that work long and hard in the field in tough conditions to make new unseen images, and if they don't work out, they go back relentlessly until they do.  I admire the photographers that aren't at all influenced by social media trends, don't sook about low engagement, respect the law and the environment and just get on with it.  

A Landscape photograph does not have to be beautiful, "likeable", or conform to what mainstream society or social media deems as "popular".  In fact, in a social media age where replication, unoriginality and cliche abound, I'd personally prefer that it didn't.

"Like" it or not, these are my words and opinions only.

Enough said...