Waiting patiently.....

Sept 30, 2013

Sitting here in North Conway, New Hampshire waiting for peak fall, and trying to photograph something that gives me inspiration, although after the highs of Iceland it's a little hard.  It is beautiful here, but I haven't taken a photo yet as I'm having trouble composing something that excites me.  This happens sometimes........

Chasing the fall

Sept 27, 2013

After flying into New York from Heathrow without baggage (thank's British Airways!) I've quickly got the hell out of the rat race with a 6 hour drive up to New Hampshire.  Nothing really new there in terms of long distance driving, except after the relative calm of Iceland's roads to the crazy endless American freeways it's hard to take and not relaxing whatsoever, especially with everyone travelling 20 miles an hour over the limit, including trucks!.  

i've never photographed this region before so I'm hopeful of getting a few good shots even though I'm a little early, so Littleton New Hampshire is my base for a few days while I check out and research some locations.  My guess is that this time next week the 'leaf peepers' will be out in force all over New England as it really puts on another spectacular colour show.

Magical Iceland

Sept 24, 2013

I've just finished a marvellous two and a half weeks travelling in this country and photographing the most diverse and unique landscape I've ever seen.  All regions of this place are vastly different and the excitement of not knowing what was around the next corner certainly kept me motivated.  From the vast regions of nothingness, to the literally thousands of random waterfalls, everything in Iceland makes an almost surreal visual statement.  Make no mistake, this place is unique and truly magical and I would love to return in the future.


Packing up to go.....

Sept 23, 2013


 I've had a lot of people ask me about the camera gear I'm using, so here's a quick shot of what I carry in the bag as I pack and check for my flight out of Reykjavik.  This is my main kit that I travel with, and other small bits and pieces as well.  

Battling Icelandic conditions

Sept 17, 2013

Sorry to harp on about the weather so much, but at the moment it is totally in control of what I'm doing on a daily basis.  Yesterday I had to abandon a shoot because things were that bad I couldn't bear it any longer.  With the temperature around zero and winds blowing sleet at 100kph, I really missed my gloves I'd left back at the hotel!  Nevertheless, I found this waterfall location that was just sublime and totally different to anything I'd seen either in Iceland or anywhere else for that matter with cascades of water continuing for around 900 metres off a low slung cliff edge and all amidst some brilliant emerging autumn colour.  I plan to return back in around 5 days when the colour is peaking and hopefully the conditions are improving and oh yeah, some gloves you idiot!  

Australian Professional Photography Awards 2013

Sept 17, 2013


2013 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver

2013 Epson Queensland Professional Photography Awards - Silver


Snæfellsnes Penninsula

Sept 15, 2013

I've spent the last two days way out on the Snaefellsnes Penninsula on the western side of Iceland photographing various subjects around the volcano Snaefellsjokull including more churches and waterfalls.  Although the weather has been mild and reasonable for the first half of this trip it has really turned for the worse in the last two days with gale force winds, rain and sleet making things very difficult.  I was always expecting this to happen so its no big deal, but struggling to stand up as the rain blows horizontal is just ridiculous!  Today I move back towards civilisation as yet another storm front bears down and snow dusts the higher ground, hopefully conditions will improve for my last week exploring the area known as the ' Golden Circle ' region.  I don't think that's where they make canned pineapple though....I also planned to get up close to the now infamous hopelessly mis-pronounced Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Egilsstadir - Eastern Iceland

Sept 10, 2013

Since spending a couple of days in the wonderful town of Vik, I drove most of the day yesterday in the wind and constant light rain to my new base in eastern iceland's largest town, Egilsstadir (pop 2200).  I initially had planned to photograph two waterfalls in the area so yesterday headed around 2.5 kms up the mountain in a relentlessly hard slog in surprisingly warm and summerlike conditions.  Iceland has so many waterfalls but with the snow melt all but over a large amount are starting to dry up, and as I headed to the top of the mountain it became apparent that my intended target known as 'Hengifoss' was suffering the same fate. I could swear I was walking in Utah heading up to the falls as the landscape was very reminiscent of the American West which I love so much.  Nevertheless alll that hiking was for nothing other than fitness, and no photo's were worth keeping!  Ok, so I could have taken a few, but I just wasn't inspired enough in less than perfect conditions.  You get that sometimes......  Today I took a different approach and after a few hours research last night decided to again head up the mountain but this time on the other side of the canyon where there is no trail to speak of.  I'm not really sure if I was on private property or not but this time I was able to capture a couple of great shots of the lower falls ' Litlanesfoss ' from a particularly precarious position on the edge of a cliff centimetres from certain death, so what else is new......I'm sure it's a shot that few have got too!  Tomorrow it's on to more waterfalls, but this time some of the acclaimed best in the world.  Wonderful waterfalls and churches, there's just so many!.

Vík í Mýrdal - Iceland

Sept 7, 2013

Well after the ridiculousness of three long haul plane flights literally across the other side of the world I'm now happy to say that I've just hit day three of my journey as I head today into Skaftafell NP and surrounds today.  My initial impressions of Iceland are as I expected really.  Incredible and unique landscapes everywhere you look and although the weather has been favourable I certainly expect it to change for the worse as the days progress.  I spent my first few days at Iceland's southern most town of Vik capturing some very special subject matter and with the help of a 4wd I was able to access some remote highland regions as well.  All i can say is wow!, I seriously could have been driving on planet neptune with the mindblowing scenery everywhere you look helping to negate the tiredness and jetlag associated with getting here.  I'll post the first initial photo's soon in the 'latest works' section and then try and post every few days when I can as requested.  Gotta go!......

Off to Iceland today

Sept 3, 2013

About to head off to Iceland tonight......  Looking forward to this expedition more than any other I think although not so much the long plane flights.  All indications are single figure temperatures with quite strong winds and rain showers a lot of the time.  As with the UK trip, a lot of my images will again be in dramatic black and white with long exposure times, with also some night photography thrown in as well for variation.  Icelandic landscapes can be extremely high contrast and difficult to shoot even without factoring in the weather, so this will be challenging in many ways out in the field.  The good part is that I'll be shooting away from the tourists most of the time.  I'll try to post updates every few days to keep everyone updated.   Roll on Iceland!