UK final update

Aug 1, 2013

Not good at providing updates am I!  Probably one of the reasons why Facebook and Twitter aren't my thing......  Well I'm about to fly home after photographing certain area's of the UK.  As it turned out conditions weren't particularly good a lot of the time but I felt I made the most of what came my way.  In the early part frustrating cloudless skies and near record temps made creative photography difficult but with the help of neutral density filters to slow exposure times and some dramatic black and white conversions helped add some mood to the images taken.  I found many places to be way too touristy for my liking and although I'm happy to photograph the odd busy location I pefer to concentrate on my own compositions the majority of the time.  For this reason I've decided to reschedule my Iceland trip for another more suitable time outside of the more popular times of year, and as it turns out Iceland at the moment is crowded and too expensive.   I'm not exactly sure when Iceland will happen now, but photographing the Northern Lights from somewhere is on the list.  All my new UK images can be found HERE.

UK update

Jul 10, 2013

I'm currently in a small village in Wales with the interesting name of Betws-Y-Coed.  An absolutely beautiful place and as always looking for photo locations although the fine clear skies are not what I'm after.  Seems the near record heat has brought out the tourists too!  In the next few days I plan to photograph a few lighthouses and possibly an ancient castle or two along the UK coastline before a long drive up to the 'Isle of Skye' region of Scotland and hopefully straight into some dramatically worse weather conditions!

UK bound

Jul 7, 2013

On my way to the UK today......