Iceland and the UK prep.

May 12, 2013

After another successful NZ trip I can't wait for the next and preparations and planning are now well underway for my Iceland and UK photographic expedition starting in early July.  The plan is to spend two weeks photographing Iceland, and the remainder shooting Northern Ireland and the Isle of Skye region of Scotland.  I'm also fitting in the last two rounds of the British Open golf near Edinburgh, Scotland as a tick off the bucket list item!

Iceland without a doubt will be one of the highlights of my photographic life.  With it's super high contrast scenery and unpredictable weather conditions it makes photography extremely challenging, but the rewards are great if you can nail the shot with some of the most incredible scenery on earth.  This trip will also give me the first chance to test the new Phase One IQ260 digital back in combination with my Alpa and also test the capabilities of my recently aquired Schneider Apo-Helvetar 120mm SB34 lens.  The new IQ260 is capable of 1 hour noise free exposures which opens up a whole new world of creativity to any landscape photographers workflow, so I'm very keen to push it's limits especially considering my current Phase P45 can only handle 5 minutes!

Perfect New Zealand

May 8, 2013

A few weeks ago I finished another wonderful trip into the depths of New Zealand's South Island.  I've been to the south many times and even lived there for six months but I always enjoy the layed back atmosphere and the general feel of the place, and of course the landscapes are just epic....  The fact that it's just a quick three and a half hour flight is a bonus too! In the eleven days I was there I managed around a dozen or so new images for my portfolio, as well as gaining a few possible competition entries for this years Canon APPA's.  Ideal conditions greeted me from the time I stepped off the plane till the time I got back on, and the overcast, drizzly dark days were just perfect for shooting landscapes and giving them a boost of mood.  The autumn was just transitioning into winter so the added bonus of snow dustings across the mountain tops really adds to the backgrounds as well.  All in all another successful trip and I'm certainly looking forward to my next visit possibly up to the north island at some stage.  If haven't been then you gotta go...