Back in Oslo

Apr 4, 2014

I'm back in Oslo now after having to cut short a little my Lofoten experience.  I awoke yesterday with my little red cabin feeling like it was about to achieve lift off the wind was that strong!  So I made the decision to get out and head back to Leknes for a flight out.  Wow what a place, spectacular landscape, but crazy unpredictable conditions and the logistics of flying and driving in between the unpredictably violent weather is a challenge to say the least.  I admit the thought of a quick blast back to Iceland did cross my mind briefly however the predictions for the Northern Lights are now fading for the year, so unfortunately my timing realistically was just too late in the season to capture them, but I'm not bothered. Will now spend a few days checking out Oslo, then London, then back home.  

Snow Time !

Apr 2, 2014

Well I've been here in the Arctic Circle of Norway now for 4 days but today April 1 was definately no joke. Overnight and today heavy snow fall brought this incredible place back well into winter mode.  I've spent today re-shooting some of my earlier shots as the snow just adds another dimension to an already unbelievable location, and every morning since I got here I've been up 2 hours before dawn photographing long exposures and really enjoying the pre-dawn atmosphere along with some seagulls for company.  Of course getting around by car is getting difficult as the weather just continually changes with brief glimpses of sunshine peeking through but mostly heavy cloud and snow flurries and wind.  This place is in your face amazing and relatively unknown to most people, it has not been ruined by becoming tooo touristy and there isn't a fast food joint to be seen.  This place is a commercial fishing hub and it smells that way most of the day!