Lofoten Archepelago of Norway

Mar 30, 2014

Well after a marathon 5 plane fights and 25 hours flying time I have finally made my way into the Arctic Circle and on to the group of islands known as the Lofoten Archepelago.  I'm on my third day here now and there's still lots of snow around as expected in an incredible landscape consisting of hard edged jagged snow covered mountain ranges and frozen lakes intertwined with many small and interesting fishing villages.  I don't make a point of photographing too many man made structures but on this particular occasion I can't resist, there seems to be lots of colourful cabins lining the foreshore in every small village and they make such a good subject matter.  Home for me for the next several days is simply a dream setting, one of those very cabins I mentioned with no TV but all the basic necessities and all set in amongst some of the most dramatic mountain scenery and with a view that cannot be matched.  Check out my accom Eliassen Rorbuer on the tiny fishing village of Hamnoy just a few kms from Reine.  I literally shot the photo below from off my window sill last night!

I woke this morning very early indeed and with the jet lag and all the different time zones in the last few days the body doesn't have a clue what's happening, but with the strong smell of fish constantly in the air around here it's actually preferable to the tourist zone I'm living in at home in Australia right now.  The last few days have been quite overcast and windy so I was relieved and excited to be met with light snow this morning as I ventured out to try and capture this unique, beautiful but harsh arctic landscape.  The solitude of walking alone loaded with gear in the pre dawn 5am light with the snow falling lightly on a completely calm but brisk morning was just a fantastic way to start the day.  These are the moments that I crave as a photographer, no one else around except for a bunch of the biggest seagulls I've ever seen I'm my life.  So the three hours I spent exploring this morning was a very fruitful outing , and I came home with some very worthwhile images after initially struggling as quite often happens.  More photos to come shortly...


Photographed from the windowsill of my fishermans cabin in Hamnoy, Norway.  Check out the link - Eliassen Rorbuer

Print Orders Delayed

Mar 26, 2014

As I'm overseas at the moment working on a new collection of images please be aware that customers ordering prints will have their delivery times delayed by approximately two weeks.  Please feel free to order any time though with this in mind.  Any enquiries can be directed to me via the 'CONTACT' link.

Off Into the Arctic Circle

Mar 25, 2014

As I'm about to jet off to Norway in a few hours, I have mixed feelings knowing that although it will be an amazing place with stunning landscapes, I realise that the conditions will be tough at this time of year both in terms of flying and driving and shooting in a relatively remote environment in what has the potential to be a very challenging week or two.  Although the zero degree temps are fine it's the wind chill factor that really comes into play at this time of the year that really tests your resolve, and with the very regular snow storms battering the Lofoten Islands the question as to whether I get the opportunity to photograph the Northern Lights has to be asked.  One thing is for sure is that once I finally get to where I want to be then I can immerse myself in photographing the epic landscapes of Lofoten.

I'm Back!

Mar 19, 2014

As apparently I'm not a big talker, It has been quite a while since my last post, six months in fact.  So I thought I'd give you all an update on what's on the agenda for this year in terms of photography and travel, because that's my life.  2013 was a massive year for travelling and 2014 is set to be almost as big.  As with most landscape photographers I take the chance whenever I can to get the hell out of the modern world and in to the real world, the natural world (yes that's the one that man didn't build) as often as I can.  Preferably to places where I don't have to see morons with their faces glued to a bloody phone 24/7!  So I've got itchy feet, and I'm outta week.

I would have to say Iceland was definitely last year's highlight with it's volcanic landscapes and absolutely out of the box landscape scenery really satisfying my appetite for the unusual.  I will definitely be back in the future quite possibly in the wintery months to try and push the envelope a little further when conditions are worse but the photos get better.  I'm really aiming to push the boundaries a little further this year in terms of my style of shooting and locations and also aiming to experiment with new long exposure techniques with both film and digital in both the daytime and nightime.  The aim for me is to separate my work from the masses a little more and be more creative and diversify my body of work, but I guess as photographers we are all trying to achieve that.  It's all about trial and error, and there will be lots of both, but I will learn a lot from that.

If you have visited my website before you have probably noticed it has an all new look.  The old black background had run it's course and I was never happy with it, so the clean black and white uncomplicated format really appealed to me.  I designed the whole thing myself on photoshop and then had it constructed by F8media in Caloundra, so I'm really happy with the final result with the ease of navigation and uncluttered minimalist design being the most important elements for me in website design.  There is something about black and white these days that I find very appealing, and that goes for photography too.  So, if you like it, then 'like' it whatever that means.

My first trip of the year begins next week when I head way up into the Arctic Circle chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis.  Conditions in the north of Norway will be challenging but the rewards will be fruitful if both luck and good timing come into play, although I try and make my own luck as much as I can.  I've specifically chosen this time of year to maximise my chances but I know from experience that the weather plays a huge part in the outcome.  With only a week to go before I leave I still haven't finalised flights and accomodation or even an exact location to concentrate on as the weather will determine the planning.  I have my sights on shooting in the Lofoten Archepeligo or Tromso so I'm constantly researching the weather forecasts every day now as preparation.  From experience the problem with 7 day weather forecasts is that they are just a guess, and very inaccurate.   So my flight to London is booked, but after that who know's where I might end watch this space in the next few weeks as I post some updates.