Guy Havell (M.Photog)    

    AIPP Master Photographer                                                                           



Artist Statement


I'm an (AIPP) Australian Institute of Professional Photography accredited Master Photographer specialising in Fine Art Landscape, Documentary Landscape and Built Environment Photography in both digital and analog platforms. My philosophy is to work alone with my own ideas and thoughts to produce images in the traditional method preferably with a single exposure and minimal post-production in order to maintain the reality, pay respect to, and try to accurately represent the original scene.  I'm not interested in following social media trends or computer generating images to create a story in the name of artistic expression or self promotion.  I’m a photographer, not a digital artist.  I'm interested in creativity in reality, not popularity.


Social Media - My opinion, thoughts and observations   The good, the bad and the discraceful.... I'll keep it brief and straight to the point.


Not everyone is into social media and as an introvert I find it an invasion of privacy and mentally draining.  I prefer to live my life and work on my photography in a private manner by minding my own business which could be considered a strange concept in today’s privacy invading, attention seeking world.  As primarily a landscape and built environment photographer I use social media as it's a necessary evil in order to get my work out there but I will never mislead the viewer, stage images or put myself into the frame in the desperate search for social media popularity. As an artist I don't care about popularity and I'm not motivated by it.  My photography is about respecting and recording the landscape, it’s not about me.  The Instagram style photographer seems to be more concerned with being popular than being original which is a sad reflection of a largely vacuous self-absorbed modern society.  Consistantly posting the same "Insta" proven style of image for "likes" is a creativity killer, and so is shooting cheesy cliches.  

I prefer the work of real landscape and nature photographers that respect the environment and produce original, creative, thought provoking and real imagery without having to rely heavily on post production and if they do, they are open and transparent to the public with their disclosure.  It's called ethics.  I also gain inspiration from the quiet achievers in the photography world with low followings many of whom consistantly produce outstanding photography far superior to almost anything else out there both technically and creatively but don't care to seek the limelight.  I admire the photographers that are always trying new things and not worried about protecting their social media profile.  I admire the photographers that push the limits with their own ideas and not just copy others. I admire the photographers that work long and hard in the field in tough conditions to make new unseen images.  I admire the photographers that aren't "influenced" by social media trends, don't sook about low engagement and just get on with it.  

I don't admire and have no respect whatsoever for some of the self-entitled arrogant Instagram photographers and so called "Influencers" who produce fake content, break the law, disrespect and destroy the environment, and constantly put their lives at risk all to satisfy their own pathetic insecurities with the never ending quest to be "liked", "popular" and gain "followers".  It's because of you jerks that sacred, preserved and protected areas are being closed down to responsible visitors.  The fact that deaths are occuring all in the name of showing off for the ultimate selfie or video footage is sad and pathetic.  Nature is bigger, better, more powerful and more beautiful than you'll ever be so show some respect.  It's not about you and your self-entitlement !